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Come learn the ways of the force from a Jedi Master and an evil sith lord. The path of life is full of choices. Choices to do good and choices to do bad. If you want to avoid the dark side temptations of selfishness and greed then you must train in the Jedi way. Learn to calm yourself, focus, and defend yourself from the attacks of the dark side in a Kids Training session. The Jedi will need your help to push back against the dark side.


This training session has limited attendee signups and focuses on the basics of lightsaber combat taught by our veteran lightsaber instructors.

This is a beginner class on lightsaber stage combat which will instruct the basic forms, moves, and fighting combinations typically taught to people attending their first night at one of our group's practices.

Due to the combat nature of this class it is limited for people aged 18 and older.

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ALL THREE DAYS! Check out the VR Training Dojo to test your skills in the ways of the saber. This is open to all ages.

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